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Azure Dynamic Scaling Update

In an earlier blog, I highlighted the lack of autoscaling features in Azure as compared to Amazon’s CloudWatch.  This left architects with the choice of a DIY approach using additional tooling (such as WASABi or MetricsHub) or using a 3rd … Continue reading

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Project-Based Funding: An Obstacle to Private Cloud

The traditional physical data centre consists of a hodgepodge of equipment, tools and systems— all driven by project-based funding. This budgeting anachronism is an anathema to a virtualised data centre that utilises shared resource pools and can absolutely derail a … Continue reading

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Dynamic scaling in the Cloud

One of the key criteria for Cloud Computing, according to the NIST definition, is “Rapid elasticity”, i.e. “Capabilities can be elastically provisioned and released, in some cases automatically, to scale rapidly outward and inward commensurate with demand”. The reference architecture … Continue reading

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Step by Step Guide to Office 365

This poster-style graphic provides a very good overview and summary of Office 365… Infographic by: Cloud Hypermarket – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location:Union Drive,Birmingham,United Kingdom

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Journey to the Cloud – it’s not rocket science! To me, as an Architect, the Cloud has become a “no-brainer” – it’s just business as usual. People often cite security as a barrier to entry but this perception assumes that “Cloud=Public”, however, … Continue reading

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Is the Government’s CloudStore confusing the market?

As the UK Government iteratively develops its G-Cloud multi-source procurement frameworks, now into their third phase with “G-Cloud iii”, it seems that the messages are somewhat confused. Just because a supplier and service is available via the CloudStore doesn’t necessarily mean … Continue reading

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